Looking to be Rocket this Halloween? Love Jena Malone? Sucker Punch costumes are going to be in big demand this Halloween, so check this costume out!
Sucker Punch - Rocket Adult Costume

This Rocket adult costume has some embellishments on it. The one piece mini dress is grey, with faux leather embellishments, and has attached garters. The costume set also includes a faux leather belt, over the elbow fingerless gloves, and a mini army style headpiece. No stockings are included, so we recommend fishnet stockings to round out the look in the picture. Pair them with some black pumps, and you’ll be good to go.

Sucker Punch - Rocket Wig (Adult)

If your hair isn’t as short as Rocket’s, or is the wrong colour, then don’t worry! There’s a wig for that. This Rocket wig is in dirty blonde, and features waterfall bangs, much like Rocket’s hair in the movie. Use a wig cap to tame your own hair, and to keep it from showing through, and you’ll be good to go.

Sucker Punch - Rocket Knife & Sheath (Adult)

In keeping with Rocket’s soldier appearance, here’s her knife. This knife and sheath combo comes with a hard plastic knife modeled after the one seen in Sucker Punch, and a faux metal looking sheath. Who needs other accessories when you have this?

Rocket’s a pretty girl, and if you want to look like her, check out this tutorial for her Makeup. Lea Whitefeather does excellent tutorials, and this is no exception.

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